Barclay’s story

If you’re looking for a better work/life balance, uncapped earnings and complete managerial autonomy, you’ve found it. Work from home or in a CTM office, and enjoy the support of CTM’s global buying power, technology infrastructure and 24/7 service support.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Barclay is an Independent Contractor (IC) for Allure Travel. He manages his own business, his own hours and his own income. Read his story…

what does a typical work day look like for you?

I work from home in the mornings – checking emails that have come through overnight and tending to anything that is urgent. Due to differing time zones I am still able to communicate with people in the US early in the mornings.

I head in to the (Allure) office around 10am, where I work until about 6pm. Having the option to work from the office or from home means I can also tap into booking requests from Europe from the comfort of home in the evening if needed.

WHAT were your main reasons for leaving an established travel agency and becoming an ic?

The main drive behind joining Allure Travel was to gain flexibility. Being an independent consultant allows me to work when I want, and how I want. I have complete control over my work/life balance; I am lucky as this is something many people do not have the luxury to do.


in your experience, what have been the main benefits of becoming an ic?

The key benefit for me has been the reward you receive for the effort you put in – both professionally and monetary.  I work harder and longer hours as an IC than I did when I was someone’s employee, but I’m happy to do so as it is for the benefit of my own business. It’s very satisfying to see your own business grow as a result of all the effort put in.

what were some of the challenges you experienced in becoming an ic, and how did the allure travel team help you overcome these challenges?

When I started as an IC my leisure travel knowledge was not as great as my corporate consultant knowledge. Working in an office where all of my colleagues are IC’s has been very helpful with improving my knowledge and seeking advice which has enabled me to grow this side of my business.

how do you market yourself as an ic in order to grow your client base?

I was concerned at the start that I would not have enough clients or turnover to be able to support myself. I was surprised at how happy clients are to refer me to their friends and colleagues when I told them I was now self-employed. I am now lucky enough to be in a position where I don’t need to actively market myself for more clients. It is now very much an organic process. When you work for yourself you need/want to do a good job and clients respond to that and in turn recommend my services.



what new skills have you developed since becoming an ic?

I am very savvy with the back office/finance area of our systems. Before I became an IC I didn’t really understand it. I also have developed more “business sense” skills as I am now self-employed. I also feel more confident now than previously in dealing with suppliers, so I am able to arrange the best possible outcome for my clients.

what are some of the PROFESSIONAL and personal achievements you’ve made since becoming an ic?

I now have the ability to run my own business which I didn’t think I would be able to do. It seemed quite daunting at the start so it’s both a professional and personal achievement for me to have been so successful.

what are the benefits of working with the global ctm group?

We get access to the buying power of a global TMC. From that buying power we are able to work smarter and not harder to sustain a business turnover which, when compared to other IC’s in the Australian market place, would be considered quite high.

in your opinion, what are the key characteristics that make a successful ic?

You need to have confidence in your own ability, be client focused, and at times be prepared to not take ‘no’ as an answer. As it is your business, you need to be prepared to work some long hours and be available when clients require.



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