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CTM's travel forecasting - the most affordable time to travel across 21 days, in a single click!

CTM’s Fare Forecaster technology drives savings to your travel program through better informed decision making at the time of booking.

Fare Forecaster provides a visual representation of up-to-date flight prices, displayed by specified journey or destination, across a 21-day window – empowering Travel Bookers to make more informed and efficient decisions about the most cost-effective time to travel without wasting time on multiple searches.

For Lightning online booking tool users, Fare Forecaster also incorporates your company’s travel policy and supplier preferences when returning flight results to maximise program compliance.

Forecasting features

Personalised recommendations

CTM’s proprietary algorithms present recommended route options based on your personal travel history to speed up the search process on your frequently booked routes. Smart filters will ensure a frictionless process and relevant and sustainable search results.

Booking efficiency

CTM’s Fare Forecaster sits within the CTM Portal and can be integrated with the Lightning online booking tool for ease of booking. Simply review your preferred flight options in Fare Forecaster, including travel times, flight details, service features and price, then select ‘Book now’ to secure your booking in your chosen online booking tool.

Budget planning

Fare Forecaster is a powerful and efficient tool for budget planning, enabling users to search for airfares up to 11.5 months in advance and compare the most affordable day to travel at your preferred time across a 21-day window, without entering the online booking tool.

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