SMART Savings Calculator Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

22 June 2016

The CTM SMART Savings Calculator promotional campaign

In using the CTM SMART Savings Calculator tool you are deemed to have read and understood the following terms of use.

The CTM SMART Savings Calculator (the “Calculator”, found at www.travelctm.com/smartsavings) is developed and owned by the Corporate Travel Management Group (“CTM”).

The Calculator has been designed to provide users with an estimation of potential cost savings based upon the provision of five (5) multiple choice questions with predefined answer options as laid out in the Calculator. The Calculator provides a savings estimation based upon predefined values attributed to each answer. Users should understand that the estimations provided within the Calculator are limited by predefined values which may not be an accurate reflection of their business’s unique operations. An accurate estimation of savings potential can be obtained only via an obligation-free evaluation conducted by a CTM representative, in person or by phone on 1800 663 622.

In the question “What is your expected annual travel expenditure for this financial year?” the Calculator will assume the following expenditure for each answer:

  • < $100k: assumes a $100k annual expenditure
  • $100k – $500k: assumes a $300k annual expenditure
  • $500k – $1m: assumes a $750k annual expenditure
  • $1m – $5m: assumes a $3m annual expenditure
  • > $5m: assumes a $5m annual expenditure.

The Calculator assumes a predefined average booking value which may or may not accurately reflect your business’s travel trends or average booking value.

The Calculator assigns typical or common processing times to each answer in questions 2-5 (‘Do you have an online Pre-Trip Approval process?’, ‘How do your staff typically research and book flights?’, ‘What’s your typical process for researching and booking hotels?’, ‘How do you most commonly research and book car hire?’). The assigned processing times may or may not be an accurate reflection of your business or its people.

An average salary or hourly pay rate (source: Australian Bureau of Statistics Average Weekly Earnings, Key Figures, Australia, May 2014: http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs@.nsf/mf/6302.0) is applied to the calculation in order to provide an estimation of time and related cost savings achievable through the implementation of CTM’s recommended travel management tools and best practice booking procedures. This pay rate may not be an accurate reflection of you business’s employee pay structure.

Navigational and explanatory information relevant to each question can be found by hovering over the ‘?’ icons throughout the Calculator. To make an enquiry, click on the envelope icon to send an email to CTM. All enquiries will be responded to by the CTM team member most experienced in the nature of the enquiry.

Users of the Calculator give permission for a CTM representative to make contact by phone or email if they select the ‘Find Out How’ button.

All values indicated in the Calculator are in Australian dollars (AUD).

Users are reminded that the CTM SMART Savings Calculator is intended as a promotional tool in which users can establish an estimation of cost savings potential through the implementation of CTM’s travel tools, services and processes. Calculations are not specific to the user’s unique business model. A customised evaluation of travel savings potential can be obtained by contacting CTM for an obligation-free travel program evaluation on 1800 662 633.


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