CTM SMART Alerts on Target

CTM’s SMART Alerts ‘crucial’ in making informed decisions to maximise traveller safety.


Target Australia, part of the Wesfarmers Group and CTM client, expressed the value of CTM’s SMART Alert technology in keeping their travelling workforce safe and secure.

Carolyn Christie, EA to the General Manager Home, described the Alerts as ‘crucial’ to Target’s travellers, keeping them up to date with the latest information and enabling informed decision making in critical circumstances.

“Target recently had two employees travelling to regions in India/Bangladesh and China at a time when security was considered quite high risk. The CTM SMART Alerts were very, very helpful and, as a result of the timely information fed through to Target’s Travel Team, we decided to cancel a ‘fly in, fly out’ trip to Pakistan due to the severity of the warnings and the risks involved”, said Carolyn.

CTM SMART Alerts enabled informed decisions in critical circumstances

Both travellers also received information about a flight reschedule which meant an earlier than anticipated departure. The timely delivery of the SMART Alert ensured that both passengers made their flight and onward connections.

“We were extremely grateful for the prompt advice provided by CTM’s SMART Alerts” said Carolyn, “A missed departure would have had major impact on the rest of their travel schedule”.

Upon arrival in China the travellers received SMART Alert notifications warning of earthquakes in the region, and subsequently in Hong Kong of localised riots taking place nearby their hotel. Both sets of Alerts ensured that the travellers had timely, accurate and useful information at their fingertips to maximise their safety.

“CTM’s SMART Alerts were crucial to Target’s travellers being kept up to date with the latest localised information, and in providing the necessary information to make informed decisions around changes to their travel plans which would enhance their safety.”

CTM SMART Alerts are a fully automated risk management dispatch solution keeping travellers abreast of developing travel risks as they happen. To find out more about CTM’s SMART Alerts, contact CTM today on 1800 663 622.



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