Not all travel bookings are created equal


Not all travel bookings are created equal

The timing of when a business traveller organises flights or accommodation can make a big difference to their company’s bottom line. As can the fare type of an airline ticket.

So, what is the best way for organisations to influence the buying behaviour of their staff to achieve a greater return on investment?

Working with CTM, customers receive the right mix of technology, industry expertise, strategic account management and training to drive savings to travel programs through better informed decision-making at the time of booking.


Forecasting technology

One key tool is CTM’s SMART Forecaster, which allows travellers and travel arrangers to visualise the most cost-effective time to travel before they book.

Travel bookers can compare the best prices on flights and hotels across 21 days of travel in a single click, displaying results by specified route or destination.

Where travel is flexible, companies can make great savings by shifting their travel plans to correspond with lower fares and hotel rates, without spending hours conducting multiple searches.

CTM’s forecasting technology is integrated with a range of online booking tools (OBTs), enabling users to visualise and select the best fares, and deep-link into their chosen OBT to complete the booking in record time.

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CTM’s SMART Forecaster features an intuitive and user-friendly design, so deployment and take-up of the technology requires minimal training.

The information is presented visually to easily identify the highest and lowest cost of travel in real time over a window of dates. Simply hover across a date to see the corresponding airfares or hotel rates.

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Fare type usage

Airlines offer a range of fare types for travellers that vary depending on fare rules and class of travel. As a rule of thumb, the cheaper fares have more restrictive conditions whilst more expensive fares come with greater flexibility.

CTM can help customers identify the level of ticket flexibility they require based on their specific travel trends. Businesses may prefer to implement a ‘Best Fare of the Day’ policy where only the most economical fares are approved. However, these rates are often non-refundable, non-cancellable or non-changeable, which may be too restrictive for business travellers who need to make late alterations to their itinerary. In that case, CTM can modify travel policies to embrace a mixture of fare types based on the customer’s typical travel trends.


Data + discipline

For many business, especially those with staff in multiple locations, it can be difficult to drive effective booking policies day-to-day, leading to inefficiencies and unnecessary costs.

After developing a tailored travel policy and providing staff training for improved booking behaviour, CTM can deliver detailed reports outlining travel spend, booking trends, policy compliance, number of changes made and missed savings opportunities. Your dedicated Client Value Manager will constantly evaluate the effectiveness of your travel program, and identify and implement changes to drive further savings, efficiency and safety.

To ensure more cost-effective travel planning for your business, delivering greater savings and enhanced productivity, contact CTM today: