Most Commonly Asked Corporate Travel Questions

As a Business Analysis & Solutions Manager with Corporate Travel Management (CTM), Cathy Douglas receives a wide and varied range of customer queries. However, when it comes to the corporate travel market, there are a few questions that pop up more regularly than others.

At CTM, we receive a myriad of questions every day regarding travel and so we should, we are the experts! From travellers who missed flights and need to re-book, to assisting clients in crisis situations or more general enquiries such as companies wanting to improve their travel program. We get them all and we are happy to help.

Although the specifics differ for each customer, there are a number of common queries we receive when it comes to corporate travel.

Here’s the top three most commonly asked corporate travel questions I’ve received so far in 2018.


1. Is an invoice account better than a credit card payment solution?


The debate of credit card versus invoice accounts has been going on for decades. On face value an invoice account does appear easier and cheaper to manage than a credit card, but the reality is very different. To explain why, let’s dig a little deeper…

There are several outstanding benefits that will always lead me towards a credit card solution. For ease of reference, I have compared both payments against key criteria and, as you can see, there is a clear winner!

Invoice vs Credit Card table comparison

I appreciate that each company may have very different requirements, so when conducting your review do not rely on a single source for information. Engage the experts, such as your travel management provider, financial advisor, credit card providers and expense management providers. The more open-minded discussions you have the better.


2. Why should we use a Travel Management Company (TMC)?


If I was to ask you where every member of your travelling workforce was around the globe right now, could you answer confidently? Would you know what events are happening that could be impacting them as they travel? Could you communicate with your staff at the click of a button and can you support their travel needs 24/7? With companies now having more staff travelling globally, I see risk management and duty of care as the biggest reasons to employ a Travel Management Company. Partnering with a TMC that has the expertise and technology to support your travelling workforce is a must. For example, CTM has tools that allow companies to track (through online global mapping) and communicate with their travellers, anywhere in the world and at any time. Combining this technology with CTM’s automated Smart Alerts helps customers meet their duty of care obligations. Now with ‘Proof of Life’ technology, CTM customers can ensure members of their workforce are ‘checking in’ every day and that their location is recorded via GPS tracking technology. Further to this, travellers will have the support of an experienced consulting team 24/7. Our staff have the practical expertise and systems at hand to quickly respond to travellers when in need.  With one call, our teams can co-ordinate all the necessary changes to get your staff out of what could be a critical situation.

Another thing to consider is the time it takes your staff to book a trip directly. Time to find the flights, compare multiple websites, enter all the details, consolidate confirmations, build itineraries and so forth. Then, just when you finally think it’s completed, plans change and the process starts again. CTM provides customers with a dedicated local consulting team and seamless technology to make the booking process quick and easy. In addition, company policies can be built into the process to ensure 100% compliance. Through quarterly reporting, your Account Manager will provide detailed analysis of your travel spend, including air, hotel and car spend. They also provide details about traveller behaviour, advanced purchase costs, change costs, policy compliance and process efficiencies to help make additional savings and improve productivity.

By using a Travel Management Company, you should have the confidence that your travel program and travellers are taken care of, so that you can focus on what you do best.


3. What technology does CTM have to make booking travel easier? 


Today, with easier and safer access to online technology and high-speed internet, more consumers are utilising online solutions. Holiday makers were first to really embrace online reservation systems, but now with more secure technology, companies are becoming more trusting and launching into self-serviced travel programs. This is where a TMC plays a pivotal role in designing online and mobile travel programs. For this reason, it is important to understand the full scope of technology services available through your TMC, but more importantly – their plans for the future.

CTM heavily invests in developing ‘value adding’ technology for corporate customers. With a team of developers based in Australia focusing on ANZ-centric technology, CTM is committed to providing customers with every opportunity to automate and streamline the booking process while using smart logistics to drive policy compliance and cost reductions. From just thinking about travelling, to planning, booking, duty of care and reporting, we can help every step of the way.

The key to CTM’s development roadmap is that our customers help design it. We regularly seek customers input to ensure the products designed and implemented align with business requirements. Importantly, at CTM we own our technology. This means we can drive the roadmap to suit our customers’ needs. CTM SMART Technology is built from the ground up to be as flexible as your needs are diverse.

Click on an icon below to learn more about CTM’s SMART technology solutions. To see our full suite of services, go to www.travelctm.com or contact a CTM representative.

There is no better time than now to ask how a TMC can help your business. Engage the experts, contact Corporate Travel Management: