Introducing new preferred seating options for Emirates and Etihad Airways

Emirates (EK) and Etihad Airways (EY) are differentiating their Economy Class seating options, providing passengers with even more options.


From 20 August 2017, Emirates is offering the following categories for Economy Class seating:

-         Preferred Seats are positioned at the front of the aircraft to allow for faster disembarkation. Preferred seats are in smaller cabin sections, such as first rows of the Boeing 777-300 ER aircraft, first rows of the A380 lower deck, and on the A380 2-class upper deck.

-         Twin Seats offer passengers a guaranteed aisle or window seat and can be found in the last rows of the Boeing 777, as well as on the upper deck of the A380 2 class.

-         Extra Legroom Seats are located in exit rows across EK’s entire fleet.

Preferred and Twin seating options are available for free to all passengers once online check-in has opened, or can be purchased at a fee prior to online check-in. Extra Legroom seats can be purchased at a fee up until 6 hours before departure.

Some passengers, such as Platinum Frequent Flyers and their companions (Emirates and Qantas), can select regular, preferred or twin seats at no charge before online check-in has opened.

More information on selecting an Extra Value seat with Emirates.


Etihad Airways

From 15 August 2017, passengers can select Preferred Seats on Etihad Airways flights:

-         Preferred Seats guarantee passengers a seat at the front of the Economy Class cabin, or in the privacy of a two-seater row at the back of EY’s Boeing 777 aircraft.

This seating option adds to the Neighbour-Free Seats and Extra Legroom Seats already on offer.

Preferred seats can be booked up to 24 hours prior to departure for a fixed fee.

More information on selecting a Preferred Seat with Etihad Airways.


For any further information on the new seat categories, please contact your dedicated CTM consultant.


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