Introducing CTM Mobile Calendar Connect

CTM Mobile’s latest feature, Calendar Connect, makes keeping track of business travel even easier.

With Calendar Connect your CTM Mobile app now connects directly with your device calendar, which will in turn sync to your computer desktop calendar, allowing you to see all your travel bookings, flight times, meetings and appointments in one place.



With Calendar Connect, your flights will now be shown in your calendar alongside your meetings and appointments, with the calendar automatically displaying your “BUSY” status during flight time i.e. if your flight departs at 9:30AM and arrives at 10:50AM your calendar will show as busy during that period.



Land content, such as hotel and car bookings, will show as “FREE” and “All Day”. This is to ensure meetings can still be booked on those days, as land bookings don’t usually impact the traveller’s ability to have a meeting scheduled. CTM mobile is powered by our Itineraries microservice, which means the data is live and up to date, changes made offline, airline schedule changes etc, are updated live into CTM Mobile and with the live Sync to Calendar.

CTM Mobile’s new Calendar Connect feature also makes it easier for travel bookers, appointment setters, EAs and PAs to keep track of travel and meetings schedules for their travellers. Calendar Connect improves efficiency by automatically loading all bookings to the traveller’s connected calendar, with no need to add multiple individual ICS files or manual entries.

EAs and PAs who also have access to their travellers’ calendars will now also have a full complete view of their travellers full trip details from their own device or computer.

To add Calendar Connect to your CTM Mobile app upgrade your app and follow the onscreen prompts.


Your calendar must be added as an account in the device settings for CTM Mobile app to access it. This feature currently supports only one Microsoft Outlook calendar to sync events. CTM may increase the number of available calendars in the near future.



To find out more about CTM Mobile and Calendar Connect, request a demonstration below: