How a great culture benefits customers

The value of great company culture

How important is having a strong corporate culture to your workplace and what role does it play in developing business partnerships?

The “happy employees equal happy customers” mantra is well known across the business world. However, the valuable link between a highly engaged and committed workforce and driving customer value is often underestimated.

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At Corporate Travel Management (CTM), we understand how a positive culture is critical to both business success and effectively delivering the best outcomes for customers.

When our employees know exactly how their role contributes to company goals, we experience a boost in productivity and efficiency. This, in turn, leads directly to customer savings.

What does this mean for customers?

CTM’s aim is to provide superior service, market-leading technology solutions and a positive return on investment for customers. To achieve this, every member of our global team must play their part.

This allows our teams to respond quickly to customer needs and provide meaningful and agile solutions, which leads to cost efficiencies and long-term customer benefits.

Our travel solutions are developed and delivered by local consultants and strategic account management teams who are accountable for every aspect of customers’ travel programs. They are empowered to make decisions based on what is happening on the ground. This allows our teams to respond quickly to customer needs and provide meaningful and agile solutions, which leads to cost efficiencies and long-term customer benefits.

From their first interaction, CTM’s travel consultants are focused on weaving themselves into the fabric of a customer’s business. Importantly, they are rewarded for service, not sales, which means they are always working in our customers’ best interests.

Customer feedback

At CTM, we set the highest standards and challenge ourselves to exceed them. The best way for us to be sure our people are having a positive impact is hearing directly from our customers.

We were delighted that 98% of respondents to our 2018 client survey believe our account managers provide value for money, while 95% agree CTM consultants and account managers are courteous at all times.

These results confirm our employees’ commitment to CTM’s customer-centric culture and its two main principles:

  1. Being professional, courteous and building a good rapport with the customer.
  2. Understanding the customer’s needs and delivering solutions in a timely manner.

People are at the heart of what we do

CTM strives to be recognised as an entrepreneurial, innovative and inspiring company of choice for employees. To ensure positive engagement with customers, we have worked hard to foster a supportive culture and collaborative working environment.

CTM’s culture is founded upon the principle of entrusting our teams, through good processes and excellent training, to grow, evolve, and deliver the superior service that our customers demand. This is communicated to employees when they join the business and reinforced with ongoing and open dialogue.

Our employees can take advantage of multiple development opportunities to learn and progress their careers. This ensures we can maintain long-standing relationships with customers founded on trust, respect and understanding.

CTM’s values

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Driving continuous improvement

Our employees are encouraged to positively contribute to the company’s success. Their ideas and opinions are valued and respected, and we are proud of our high staff engagement rate (89%). An impressive 99% of employees agree they have significant autonomy to do their job.

The CTM team members work in an environment where they are confident to solve problems and eager to embrace change. Based on employee feedback, we have introduced several automation initiatives, freeing up our teams to focus on solving complex problems for customers, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

None of our success would be possible without the remarkable contributions of our people. They look after our customers’ needs every day and it is through their actions that our culture is strengthened and transformed

Every CTM employee understands the impact they have on our business objectives and the goals of our customers. As a result, we continue to develop highly empowered, highly engaged and highly strategic thinking across every member of our team for the long-term benefit of all our customers.


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