How data transforms travel programs

We live in an era of digital transformation. Advanced technologies are rapidly changing society and the way we do business. Corporate travel is no different and every year new developments revolutionise the industry, from artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, to biometrics and robotics.

One area with the potential to be the biggest game-changer for travel programs is data analytics.

With the right information made available to travel managers, businesses can save time and money, while also ensuring travelling workforces stay productive.


Getting Smart With Data Reporting

At Corporate Travel Management we understand better insights lead to better business travel. That is why we provide organisations with the dynamic data they need to make smart and timely decisions. Our reporting delivers a highly visual representation of corporate travel program performance, enabling travel managers to reduce costs and implement efficiencies. Businesses can take control of future travel spend by identifying savings opportunities with predictive forecasting and scenario-based queries.


Enhanced Offering

Our business intelligence tool, CTM SMART Data, now offers an improved user interface, combining customised dashboards with on-demand, configurable reports that can be exported in a range of formats. This intuitive and interactive process allows travel managers to dissect and share complex travel data at the click of a button. Users can receive tangible insights and monitor specific goals and KPIs across several categories, such asair travel, car hire and hotel bookings, the frequency, category and class of travel, as well as destinations, individual travellers and their preferences.

CTM SMART Data Travel Reporting Interactive Dashboards


Data Warehouse

CTM’s comprehensive global network strengthens the volume and depth of available data. Our single reporting hub provides insights for businesses of all sizes and is particularly effective for multi-region travel programs. With this extensive resource, users can apply regional and industry-based benchmarking and consolidate data by region, company, department, cost centre, and individual traveller.


Personal Support

With an extensive amount of travel data recorded, leveraging information to track program performance and support better decision making can be a time-consuming task. Travel managers can directly access and disseminate travel data themselves. Alternatively, a CTM account manager can help them to implement the best reporting package for their needs, providing customised data uploaded daily and ongoing employee training.

CTM SMART Data Interactive Dashboards Animation

Positive Outcome

A compelling data analytics program offers numerous travel program benefits including:

• Budget optimisation: identify policy breaches, understand trends and leverage benchmarking to influence buying behaviour.
• Visibility: Aggregate travel data from various sources to provide complete cross-platform visibility.
• Speed & accessibility: a faster, easier and more intuitive user experience across multiple devices.
• Future-proof: cloud-based technology enabling scalability and global accessibility.

Applying the findings from accurate travel data reduces costs, helps to plan for the future and improves traveller compliance and productivity. To find out more about how CTM SMART Data can transform your travel program, get in touch today.



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