Crisis Management: Cyclone Debbie


In March 2017, Tropical Cyclone Debbie made landfall in Queensland as a Category 4 cyclone with winds up to 263 kilometres per hour. The devastating effects of Cyclone Debbie have been felt across Queensland and New South Wales, with severe weather including heavy rainfall, destructive winds and flooding.


CTM fielded over 21,691 calls and 14,280 bookings throughout the event of Cyclone Debbie.

During the cyclone period, CTM successfully deployed its Emergency Contingency Plan handling more than 21,691 phone calls. CTM’s Brisbane and Gold Coast offices supported our customers during the event, completing over 14,280 travel bookings.

Following advice from the Queensland State Emergency Service, CTM’s Brisbane and Gold Coast offices were closed at the peak of the cyclone to ensure the safety of our employees.

Telephone diverts were immediately put in place with calls and bookings going to alternative CTM offices across Australia to ensure zero disruption to our customers.

  • Additional staff were deployed to assist with the increased volume of work to seamlessly support our customers’ needs across this period.
  • Within 24 hours, CTM’s Brisbane and Gold Coast offices were re-opened and back to business as usual.
  • CTM’s After Hours Service received over 3,688 calls during the cyclone period.

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Whilst the nature and impact of any disaster are unpredictable, we have a strategic Business Recovery Process in place for such crisis situations to enable resilient business continuity, for our customer’s needs. Our focus at such times is to ensure the safety of our staff, to minimise customer impact and to give clear direction and communication throughout.

We understand that our customers are constantly on the move, and maintaining access to bookings, systems and staff is essential when supporting their business travel needs and for offering them peace of mind. CTM acknowledges the tragic events associated with Cyclone Debbie and resultant flooding in Queensland and New South Wales. Our thoughts are with all those who have been affected by the flooding and severe weather conditions. We would like to extend our thanks to our clients for their support, patience and partnership.

technology when you need it

CTM Risk Alerts provide pre-trip and in-trip risk assessments by automatically alerting you to incidents, issues and alerts that could affect your travellers’ safety. Linked to individual travel itineraries, alerts can be sent by SMS and/or email, and can be personalised to ensure the information received is relevant and timely. Find out more about CTM RISK Alerts.

CTM’ s Traveller Tracker powers duty of care programs by tracking travellers’ locations whilst in transit or in their hotels, anywhere in the world. Updated in real-time and fully integrated with individual itineraries, this interactive tool provides an instant picture of country-by-country risk levels using a colour-coded map. Traveller Tracker also enables Travel Managers to communicate directly with individual or multiple travellers by SMS or email in the event of an emergency. Find out more about Traveller Tracker.

Download our Crisis Management: Cyclone Debbie Infographic here.

CTM has a strategic Business Recovery Process in place for such crisis situations to enable resilient business continuity, for our customer’s needs.



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