Escape Excel hell when managing rosters and travel

Reduce admin time and double handling when managing rosters and travel.


CTM knows that businesses with a moving labor workforce, like those in the resources sector, face a high degree of administration when it comes to managing rosters and related travel.

Roster managers and coordinators can spend countless hours setting rosters across multiple spreadsheets, before moving on to the mammoth task of booking and recording corresponding travel and logistics and sending that advice to each employee. That’s why it’s important, when considering implementing a roster management software solution, to consider its ability to integrate directly with a travel booking system. Why solve one problem when you could solve two?

The benefits of a fully integrated roster management system, such as Roster Manager, extend to both workforce and travel management. An integrated roster management solution allows multiple users to simultaneously create crews, record mobilisation details, generate roster patterns and book flights within a single system.

Roster changes are straightforward and reporting on staff movement, logistics and forecasting are simplified by having all data within the one “point of truth”. An integrated roster management solution also removes the risk of manual error and reduces the costs of travel administration.

Recognising the costs to business in administration time, double handling and input errors, CTM recently worked with a client to achieve their objectives of: improving the roster management process, increasing travel booking speeds and reducing the time taken to get workforce to site, by introducing a complete end-to-end roster management solution fully integrated with CTM’s travel booking tool Lightning.

This Western Australian company specialises in construction and maintenance. The client was often called on round the clock for urgent repairs, resulting in short lead-times and constantly changing requirements, which left their Training and Mobilisation Coordinator unable to meet demand.

“My job is to constantly refine our workforce rosters and to book their necessary travel arrangements. Things would often change faster than I could enter them into the spreadsheets, with a constant flow of enquiries and time spent on hold to airlines when making and changing travel bookings. I would then need to update all the changes manually into my various spreadsheets. As such, turnaround times were often over 24 hours.”

By implementing Roster Manager, the client was able to consolidate multiple complex spreadsheets into a single workflow and visualise multiple jobs sheets on a single screen. Additionally, the system’s integration with CTM’s Lightning online booking tool enabled flights to be booked online directly from the roster, reducing time spent dealing with airlines by phone or moving out of the rostering system into a separate site to book travel in yet another admin transaction.

Once a roster is set within Roster Manager the client can simply choose to book flights within the same platform and be automatically linked to the corresponding return journey flight results within the online booking tool. Then, they simply need to select the relevant flight result and the transaction is complete. With this functionality, our client’s coordinator was able to bypass the manual flight search process and eliminate the potential for error between roster and flight times.

Roster Manager is also easily updated with all flight bookings by simply refreshing the screen within the platform, giving the coordinator one source of truth for both roster and travel information and saving time by removing manual updates to the roster.

Using an fully integrated roster management solution has made the coordinator’s workflow easier, more efficient and more accurate and reduced overall travel management expenditure. Simplifying and streamlining the roster management process has provided greater efficiencies, enabling rosters to be created and communicated seven days in advance (previously two days in advance).

By streamlining the roster management system and integrating it into the Lightning online booking tool, Roster Manager has enabled the coordinator to reduce their client response time from 1 day to less than 1 hour!

“My response time is now within an hour, rather than the next day. I don’t need to spend so much time checking and double-checking thing’s so my workload is much more manageable -  now I only have to enter things once,” said the coordinator. “Five tasks have turned into one!”


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