Case Study

Roster Manager


CTM worked with a West Australian company specialising in powerline construction and maintenance who provide specialist services to clients including Rio Tinto, Hamersley Iron and Horizon Power.

With a reputation for being highly responsive to clients’ changing needs in remote and regional areas, CTM’s client required a workforce management tool that could deliver an efficient, accurate and reliable solution to managing its mobile workforce.


The client operates around the clock in responding to urgent client requests, with short lead-in times and ever-changing requirements. As such, the business needed to implement an improved roster management and travel booking system which could better support a highly responsive service offering.

The key goals were to:

1)      Improve the roster management processes

2)      Increase travel booking speeds

3)      Reduce the time taken to get workforce to site


CTM’s client was operating a manual process for managing its rosters across four separate spreadsheets – labour intensive, prone to human error and lacking automation with the travel booking process.

The Training and Mobilisation Coordinator for the client cited the inability to meet short turnaround times as a critical factor in updating their workforce management systems.

“My job is to constantly refine our workforce rosters and to book their necessary travel arrangements. Things would often change faster than I could enter them into the spreadsheets, with a constant flow of enquiries and time spent on hold to airlines when making and changing travel bookings. I would then need to update all the changes manually into my various spreadsheets. As such, turnaround times were often over 24 hours.”


The client implemented the Roster Manager, a fully integrated roster management and travel booking platform in one easy to use and intuitive system.

Roster Manager enabled the CTM’s client to consolidate multiple complex spreadsheets into a single workflow and visualise multiple jobs sheets on a single screen. Additionally, the system’s integration with an online booking tool enabled flights to be booked online directly from the roster, reducing time spent dealing with airlines by phone.

“Consolidate multiple complex spreadsheets into a single workflow”


Roster Manager has made the Coordinator’s workflow easier, more efficient and more accurate and reduced overall travel management expenditure.

Roster Manager Result 1

Simplifying and streamlining the roster management process has provided greater efficiencies, enabling rosters to be created and communicated seven days in advance (previously two days in advance).

Roster Manager Result 2

Roster Manager simplified and streamlined existing roster management processes into a single system, fully integrated with the travel booking function.

Roster Manager Result 3

By streamlining the roster management system and integrating it into an online booking tool, Roster Manager has enabled the Coordinator to reduce her client response time from 1 day to less than 1 hour.

“My response time is now within an hour, rather than the next day. I don’t need to spend so much time checking and double checking things so my workload is much more manageable -  now I only have to enter things once,” she said. “Five tasks have turned into one!”

“Five tasks have turned into one!”