Scott Ward

Global Head of Partnerships

Scott joined CTM’s Queensland office as the Head of Client Management in 2011 and quickly established himself as someone dedicated to delivering results that were both positive and provided a real impact.

This saw him join the General Manager Succession Plan after his first year with the business and move in to the GM role for Victoria in mid-2013.

In 2017 Scott moved into the role of Global Head of Partnerships. With a focus on technology-based innovation, this position is responsible for aligning efficiencies and optimising partnerships across CTM’s global business.

Before joining CTM, Scott held various roles in the travel industry including the Australian National Sales Manager for one of the largest travel technology companies globally. He has brought this technical knowledge of best-in-market processes to enhance the alignment of solutions offered to CTM’s clients.

With over 15 years’ worth of experience in the travel industry, Scott has an excellent overall understanding of the intricacies of travel and travel management and the most effective ways of applying these to achieve optimal outcomes.