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Section 1 - Traveller Details

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* All Non-Matter bookings require a charge code if in doubt please check with Finance
* Non-Matter bookings will be submitted for CFO approval prior to ticketing

Section 2 - Travel Requirements

Flight Information
Please select from the drop down below to confirm the trip requirements and also complete the following Flight, Accommodation and Transfers details.

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Please enter the flight requirements. Three (3) quotes will be provided to assist you in selecting the most logical and cost effective airfare.

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Flight Ticketing and Changes
Where possible please ask for flights to be held opposed to being ticketed instantly, this will avoid the need for unnecessary changes and fees.


Please enter the Hotel requirements. There are KWM Hotels in most of the cities where KWM offices are located, though should you require alternative options please specify.

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For Airport transfers only, please select from the dropdowns below.

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Prior To Travel / Check List

  • Traveller Name must be as per the passport, failure to do so will result in the traveller being denied flight boarding
  • All travellers must have a valid passport (at least 6 months validity from the date of entry) and two clear adjacent pages
  • Advise the consultant if the traveller is not travelling on an Australian Passport as a re-entry visa to Australia may be applicable
  • Information on Visa Requirements https://visalink.com.au/
  • Vaccinations may be required for some destinations, a GP or https://www.traveldoctor.com.au/ should be consulted
  • Please ensure your traveller is familiar with and has downloaded the International SOS Assistance App prior to Travel