My CTM Journey – Aleksandra Mirkovic

Aleksandra Mirkovic started her travel career in 2011 as a travel consultant at CTM. Today, she supports the AU/NZ business as HR Coordinator, combining her passion for people and culture.

How and why did you get into the travel industry?

I studied Tourism after finishing high school. One of my teachers had some connections in the travel industry and was able to get me into a corporate travel agency as an administrator. A few months later I was offered a job as Travel Consultant at Corporate Travel Management.

Summarise your career journey at CTM since employment to today. What roles have you held, and how did you progress between roles?

At the same time as working as a Travel Consultant at CTM, I was studying part-time for a degree in business, majoring in Human Resources (HR). A year before I graduated I had a meeting with my manager to discuss my career aspirations. I asked what I could do to secure some work experience in the HR team, and then took the initiative to contact the HR Manager at CTM to see what options were available to me. I was delighted to discover there was a role for me to move into as a HR Administrator. It was great to have the opportunity to move from one part of the business to another, which made the role transition a little easier. I was then promoted to HR Coordinator, which is the role I am in today.

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Describe your role & responsibilities

The position is quite varied as I do everything and anything HR-related. This includes recruitment, preparation of employment contracts and employee onboarding, coordination of employee benefits, and assisting with legislation, policy and procedural inquiries from CTM employees. I also ensure OHS requirements are current, undertake HR admin support and reporting, and liaise with the Payroll team to ensure both HR and payroll systems have accurate employee information.

What does a typical working day look like?

My day can be filled with lots of different interesting tasks. The first thing I do is check my emails and get a good sense of my priorities for the day. Sometimes recruitment may be the number one agenda for the day, and this can involve posting job ads, headhunting on LinkedIn, liaising with hiring managers on potential candidates for interviewing. On another day I may receive several requests for new employment contracts or changes to existing contracts. The variety of tasks and responsibilities keeps me motivated and I am never looking for something to do!

What have been your career highlights at CTM?

Being given the opportunity to develop my career from Travel Consultant to HR Coordinator has been amazing. It has been great to be able to make this switch with the support and encouragement of the company.

What is your favourite thing(s) about working in the travel industry?

I have met some really great people along the way and enjoyed some memorable social events. And there are lots of great perks such as travel and lifestyle benefits. But mostly, I love the type of people I get to work with everyday – passionate, friendly and professional.

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What is your favourite thing(s) about working for CTM?

My fellow colleagues. I am surrounded by great people who I consider friends rather than colleagues. I am fortunate to be working with some really fun and supportive individuals.

How important has career development been to you since joining CTM?

Career development is very important to me, and CTM has provided me with some great opportunities. The fact that I was able to move into another role within a company that I love is fantastic.

What professional skills have you obtained since joining CTM?

I have picked up a number of new skills during my time at CTM. The art of networking, collaboration and teamwork has been important. I would also say I have been able to develop exceptional time management and multi-tasking skills.

Please share 3 of your top tips for professional success

  1. Be proactive. If you want something, it is up to you to initiate it. Don’t complain and expect things to fall into your lap.
  2. Always go beyond expectations in your role and responsibilities. You learn and gain more skills from doing so.
  3. Take responsibility for your mistakes. You learn more when you do.

What personality traits do you possess that you believe have been beneficial in your career progression?

I have no problem accepting feedback. I actually consider this an opportunity to improve. I believe I have a good work ethic and great social skills – which is important in HR!

What are you most excited about in your career right now?

The opportunity for continuous learning at CTM is fantastic. I receive daily feedback from my managers and peers that I know will assist me in my career development.


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