Travel Technology Built for You

Save money. Save effort. Save time.

Welcome to CTM SMART Technology. Our patented, proprietary travel tools are designed specifically to benefit travellers, travel bookers and managers by driving cost savings, efficiency and safety to your corporate travel program.


Agnostic and Agile

CTM SMART Technology is built from the ground up to be as flexible as your needs are diverse. Engineered using the latest platforms, CTM SMART doesn’t rely on outdated third party legacy systems meaning we can rapidly build and deploy the right tools to meet our customers’ ever changing travel needs.

Mobile and Tablet Optimised

At CTM we recognise that our customers need to be able to access our technology wherever they are with whatever device they’re using. That’s why we build our technology applications to be responsive to your needs and provide the optimal interactive experience.

Patented ‘Proprietary’ Technology

Corporate Travel Management has applied its extensive industry expertise to the technology we’ve produced for our customers. The tools housed within our technology applications make it easy to visualise and select the right fare or hotel on the right day at the best price.

Drive cost and efficiency savings through your organisation with CTM’s industry leading propriety SMART technology.

Intuitive and User Friendly

It’s simple, we build technology customers love to use. We’ve thrown the training manuals out the window because when technology applications are built for the user, using them is instinctive and, more importantly, a pleasure.